Rachel Winthrop

A journey of self-discovery also saw me leave behind a successful career, in my case, in New Zealand. I had started off in community mental health, moving into brain injury rehabilitation and then into high level Government social policy and programme design, with a PhD in Health Management completed along the way. We were working hard to make New Zealand a better place for all, yet what I was seeing was people getting sicker, mentally, emotionally and physically, and feeling increasingly disconnected, unfulfilled and unhappy.

Being a fan of doing ‘what works’, as opposed to ‘what doesn’t’, in 2007, I left New Zealand searching for new kinds of teachers to help me understand how we can live truly meaningful lives within strong, thriving societies within a healthy, harmonious world. A path with many twists and turns led me to form Comida Viva with Pablo, providing a vehicle to creatively and thoughtfully respond, in however small a way, to some of the key challenges facing us on this planet.