People come to our classes for many different reasons - inspiration and new ideas, new skills, better health, more energy, a more harmonious way of eating…. Regardless of why you join us, our aim is to help you develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make tasty, healthy food that suits you. Our workshops are practical and fun, blending innovative food concepts, hands-on recipe making, holistic nutritional information, applied chefing techniques and lots of tasting! We don’t use dairy, gluten or refined sugar in our food, making our workshops suitable for people seeking to avoid these products.


“Incredible flavours”, “visually stunning”, “uplifting and subtle”, “energy-giving”, “filling-in-a-good way” – these are the kinds of expressions people use to describe Pablo’s chefing style, whether it is cooked food, raw food or a combination of both. Using high quality, nutrient-rich, organic, plant-based ingredients, we at Comida Viva create food that challenges conventional beliefs about ‘healthy food’ and transforms people’s beliefs about what they do and don’t like. Our chefing services span fine dining, general catering and private chefing, from small- to large-scale, and one-off to multi-day events. We are very experienced in creating menus to suit specific dietary requirements.


As part of our vision of a healthier, more empowered and conscious humanity, we enjoy sharing ideas, encouraging debate, helping to connect curious people, and generally contributing to debate around food, health and transformation. We regularly give presentations as well as combined presentation-practical workshops; please contact us to discuss possibilities.


By collaborating with different holistic health practitioners and therapists, we can offer retreats that help restore balance and harmony to your life. These include detox retreats and green juice fasts, general wellbeing retreats, and targeted health retreats for people with specific chronic illnesses. Please contact us if you are interested in participating or would like to help create a retreat for a specific group of people.


Increasingly customers expect more than great-tasting food; they also seek genuinely healthy food that meets their specialised dietary expectations and that’s produced with meaningful respect for the environment. Pablo’s expertise as an innovative plant-based chef, based on years of professional chefing, personal investigation and formal study, gives him the knowledge and credibility to help you realise your vision in your workplace. Concept, menu and recipe development, ingredient procurement, and staff training and follow-up are all part of the service. Contact us to explore how we can help you.


‘ Fusions’ is our name for events that we create, together with you, that combine elements of different activities into a single event. Workshop-dinner events, presentation-workshop team building days, or presentation-tasting sessions are a few examples of what is possible. Again, please contact us to discuss your ideas.