The Fermented Guru

foto kimchi1 small 40The Fermented Guru is definitely a work in progress!

Our Mission [so far]…

To ferment and ferment and ferment some more – and to share this passion with others so the world is filled with delicious, nutritious, health-promoting ferments!


A dynamic collaboration bringing together chefing and fermenting expertise, lots of curiosity and a slightly out-of-control karene website photoobsession with creating strange mixtures in our ‘fermentorium’….  Pablo Castellanos and Rachel Winthrop of Comida Viva with Karena Langholm, fermentor extraordinaire!

Rachel Winthrop & Pablo Castellanos – you can read about us on the Home page.

Karene Lyngholm – after 5 years of fermenting her own organic vegetables, fruit and berries, Karene now has started teaching the wonders of fermenting and producing probiotic foods and drinks for sale. She is also a bee keeper and permaculturist.

What We Do….

Right now, we’re running fermenting workshops so that anyone who wishes can confidently make their own fermented foods, drinks, sauces and jams at home. Our upcoming workshops are listed on the Comida Viva Events page.

We’re also developing a range of fermented products to offer for sale – let’s face it, not everyone wants to make their own or has the time! Because it’s us, in addition to the classic ferments, we’re innovating with new twists on the classics and we’re making totally new creations that may just help to transform the way people understand these incredible foods.

What’s Next?

A good question – we’re still working this out! We’re interested in producing high quality, delicious organic ferments to share with people, which means working out a good way to connect with these people.kombucha1 small 40

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, as well as share our ideas and progress with you. One way is through our Fermented Guru Facebook page and another is via our mailing list. Please send us a message if you wish to join. Please don’t be shy – we’d love to hear from you!